Silver Rakhi
Silver Rakhi- Stylish Rakhi that Serves the Purpose of Jewelry Too!

Silver metal due to its stunning shine and cooling emotions is being used widely to make silver rakhi. A perfect combination of tradition and trends, silver rakhi not just binds brother and sister in a unifying bond of affection, but also serves the purpose of a perfect jewelry piece. Silver rakhi can be used even after the celebration. A rakhi made of silver can be paired with colorful and lovely motifs and other embellishment for a more refined look.

We have various designs of silver rakhis in a number of shapes and sizes. We know silver is an expensive metal, that’s why we have availed some of the most affordable rakhis for our customers. Below mentioned are the designs of silver rakhi you find in our catalog.

Floral : silver rakhi is flower shape is one of the most popular types of rakhis. You can even customize a silver rakhi as per your choice.

Silver-plated rakhi: This is very common rakhi. Within this a simple rakhi is given a refined look with silver plating. The silver plates sometimes are studded with stones or diamonds so as to enhance its looks. The two ends of the plates are attached with silver chain twisted in different ways.

The most famous silver rakhi is the one with the look of bracelet. Silver bracelet rakhi is quite popular among young generation due to their modern look and charm.There is no dearth of choices at our site. Browse more by shopping online.

Silver Rakhi
Elegant Silver Rakhi Rs. 149
Glittering Silver Rakhis Rs. 299
Premium Set of Fancy Rakhi Rs. 349
Stunning set of Silver Rakhi Rs. 449
Sparkling Rakhi Set of 2 Rs. 299
Set of 3 Traditional Rakhi Rs. 399
3 Premium Fancy Rakhi Rs. 399
Silver Rakhi with Yummilious Treat Rs. 499
Divine Rakhi with Memories Rs. 299
Rakhi Jewel for Jewels Rs. 399
Chocolate Treat with Silver Rakhi Rs. 499
Premium Rakhi Surprise Rs. 799
Aesthetic Silver Beads Rakhi Rs. 149
Auspicious Silver Glory Rs. 349
Bestowed charm Rs. 399
Sparkling Set of Five Rs. 699
Circular Silver Rakhi Rs. 149
Stone Studded Silver Rakhis Rs. 360
Specially Dazzling Rs. 399
Pearl Silver Combo Rs. 499
Auspicious Silver Rakhi Rs. 249
Silver Radiance Rs. 349
Ganesha Blessings for Rakhi Rs. 449
Set of 5 Distinctive Rakhis Rs. 599
Stone Studded Silver Rakhi Rs. 199
Silver Lining of Love Rs. 349
Cute Chocolate Ferry Rs. 849
Divine Rakhi with a Box full of.. Rs. 999
Silver Swastika Rakhi Rs. 199
Awesome Foursome Rs. 349
Chocolaty Present for Bro Rs. 599
Golden-Silver Surprise Rs. 999
Sparkling Silver Rakhi Rs. 199
Golden-Silver Surprise Rs. 399
Silver Kid Combo Rs. 499
Basket of Sawstik Rakhi Rs. 549
Box of Choco Love Rs. 399
Silky Bonding Rs. 499
Basket of Family Glee Rs. 799
Combo of Chocolate with Pearls Rs. 1099